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    The Sensorcon Industrial PRO Inspector has an adjustable alarm level. It is designed for keeping you alert and safe in the most extreme of working environments.

    This includes Low Alarm Set Points so that  you can program the carbon monoxide alarm to trigger as low as 5 PPM or as high as 100 PPM. 

    This feature also includes High Alarm Set Points that Work in multiples of 5. The low set point for the High Carbon Monoxide Alarm is the next multiple of 5 after the Low Alarm point.  For example, setting the low alarm from 5 through 9 will allow you to set the High Alarm at 10, 15, 20, and up to 500.

    Please Note: This feature is only available on the Industrial PRO models.

    To see this feature in action please watch in the video below:

    For more information please contact our sales department!

    Phone: 1-716-566-2728       E-Mail: sales@sensorcon.com